Braulio Baeza
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Horses of the Year

Read about four famous horses that Braulio Baeza rode to go down in racing's history as Horse of the Year.

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Roman Brother Buckpasser Dr. Fager Arts & Letters

Horse of the Year in 1965, Roman Brother's earnings approched the million dollar mark at $943,473. "He took the lead the first time around and just galloped..."

Described as tempermental and playful, Buckpasser loved competeition. Braulio Baeza recalls, " He had the heart of a champion..."

The first horse to win four national championships in the same year. An amazing horse, who set a world record for the mile and held it for 29 years. Braulio Baeza remembers him as "one of the fastest horses alive..."

Champion horse of the Year in 1969, winning The Belmont, The Woodward, The Travers and The Gold Cup. Simply put, Braulio Baeza says it best: "He won everything in sight..."

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