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Roman Brother win photo

1965 Roman BrotherClick here to view photos

WP*: What do you remember about Roman Brother as a mount?
BB: He was a very small horse. He was a gelding.
WP: Did he go to the lead or did he usually come off the pace?
BB: He came from behind.
WP: Did you ever ride him on the grass?
BB: Yes, in the Washington International at Laurel Race Course. We finished third. I don’t remember who beat us. Some international horses. (laughs)
WP: Very funny. Who were the connections?
BB: Harbor View Farm. Affirmed’s people. Lou and Patrice Wolfson.
WP: Why did they change riders to put you up?
BB: I was winning races for them all over the country. I guess they wanted to try me on Roman Brother next.
WP: What was your biggest moment you remember with Roman Brother?
BB: Winning the Jockey Club Gold Cup in 1965. He just galloped. He took the lead on the backstretch of Aqueduct. They were fixing Belmont that year so it was run at Aqueduct. He took the lead the first time around and just galloped along. There was a horse in the race named Burned Up, ridden by Mike Venezia that went to the lead early. He pulled up. He didn’t finish the race. I guess they named the horse right. (laughs)
WP: Why wasn’t Roman Brother that good as a three year old?
BB: He got better. He finished third in the Derby with Fernando Alvarez. He was a Chilean jockey. He used to ride in Panama with me. I was the best man at his wedding. His best man never showed up.
WP: Okay. Was he a sound horse?
BB: He was sound.
WP: He didn’t have a sore back or a bad stifle or knee or anything?
BB: No. Not when I was riding him. He couldn’t have been that sore if he ran two miles like he did.
WP: Anything else you remember about him?
BB: He was a nice horse. No bad habits. Maybe he was difficult when he was younger which is why they gelded him.
WP: Thank you.
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Roman Brother running in the stretch
Baeza on Roman Brother in the winners circle
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